EPISODE 54: From Amazon Seller to Half a $1 BILLION in Ad Revenue with Brian Burt, founder of Canopy Management

Brian Burt, founder and CEO of Canopy Management, manages half a billion-dollar annual revenue of Amazon seller activities. They got a brilliant team of 70 people including ex-employees from Amazon. Nate and Brian talked about some of the most important things to care about as a seller on Amazon.



  • 5 Conversion boosting tactics for your product page
  • How they got the No. 8th executive from Amazon to work with Canopy
  • The most important metric you should focus on
  • Mistakes and areas people are overlooking as Amazon sellers


  1. You got 16 secs of attention from your buyers so to fully utilize that add more images rather than stuffing texts.
  2. If you want to make more money think about how can you and your product make money to Amazon as a seller.
  3. Amazon gives you 30 days of organic traffic to establish a baseline for your new product



If you would like to know more about Canopy check out their website or reach out to Brian on LinkedIn

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