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Joe Reichsfeld_Podcast_Ecommerce

EPISODE 48: 13 Off-Amazon Strategies To Diversify Your Revenue Stream with Joe Reichsfeld, CEO of Ecom Optimizer

  Joe Reichsfeld, founder of Ecommerce Optimizer and with more than 20 years of experience helping brands and sellers with building their online brands, shares his insights on expanding eCommerce businesses.   WHAT YOU’LL LEARN The Biggest Mistake of Amazon SellersWhy selling on Amazon is powerful than selling through your personal website.How can you buy content for your websiteCommunities […]

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Laurier Mandin_Podcast_ECommerce

EPISODE 46: The Product Launch Roadmap From Designing 6,000+ Successful Products with Graphos Founder, Laurier Mandin

    Laurier Mandin, founder and CEO of Graphos, has been in the marketing business for 26 years. He and his team has successfully launched more than 6,000 products from start-ups to billion-dollar companies. He shares valuable insight into creating a winning strategy for launching a new product.       WHAT YOU’LL LEARN   […]

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Adam Weiler_Podcast_Ecommerce

EPISODE 45: 7 Scaleable Insights From Managing Over 75 Amazon Brands with Adam Weiler, Founder of Sunken Stone

Adam Weiler, founder of Sunken Stone, an Amazon Management company which manages 75 brands selling on Amazon, elaborates on what it takes to scale account management and management on Amazon.   WHAT YOU’LL LEARN Services they provide Challenges in Managing 75 brands Agency vs Physical Product Business Model KEY POINTS Set a time with your […]

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Daryl Mander_Podcast_ECommerce

EPISODE 44: How to Maximize Bottom-of-Funnel Traffic for Profit With Google PPC with Daryl Mander, Founder of Big Flare Marketing

    Daryl Mander, founder of Big Flaire Marketing, focuses on advertising for e-businesses. They have spent over $10 million in ad spend and is working with 100 businesses. Mander shares his insights on the use of Google ads in increasing traffic and sales conversions for the e-business.       WHAT YOU’LL LEARN   […]

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Danny McMillan_Podcast_ECommerce

EPISODE 42: The 3 Realities of Diversifying During a Global Pandemic with Danny McMillan, Host of Seller Sessions Podcast

Danny McMillan, host of “Seller Session” podcast is in the midst of a series of Facebook live discussions to help on-line entrepreneurs cope with the Pandemic. He shares valuable insight on how to operate in this new milieu.   WHAT YOU’LL LEARN Keeping Motivated Having the Proper Mindset What is working now Future Opportunities KEY […]

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Ryan Rigney_Podcast_Ecommerce

EPISODE 41: 4 Essential Questions to Ask Before Launching a 7-Figure Product with Ryan Rigney, Co-Founder of Boost Rooster

Ryan Rigney is an ecommerce seller, coach and consultant, and co-founder of Boost Rooster. He is responsible for 50,000 rebates that launched and ranked various products.  He shares his experience in being a 7-figure seller on and off Amazon.   WHAT YOU’LL LEARN Ecomm Superpower Sustaining Sales through Community Building Current Strategy and offering comfortable […]

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Nathan Resnick_Podcast_Ecommerce

EPISODE 43: China vs The World: Impact of Covid and Sourcing New Products with Nathan Resnick, CEO of Sourcify

Nathan Resnick, CEO of Sourcify, brought to life 100 products and projects by democratizing manufacturing. He shares his strategies given the current pandemic as well as the looming trade war of the US with China.   WHAT YOU’LL LEARN Working with China in the time of the Pandemic Effects of the Trade Tension of the […]

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Bradley Abbot_Podcast_ECommerce

EPISODE 40: How To Add Massive Value to Your Product That Command Great Margins with Bradley Abbot, Lead Developer at Connectable Design

Bradley Abbott is the lead developer of Connectable Design and Development which is responsible for developing hundreds of products and has partnerships with factories abroad and in China. He will elucidate in the importance of value adding product design for a successful business.   WHAT YOU’LL LEARN Genesis of the Business Developing the Winning Product […]

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