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EPISODE 33: Surprising Pandemic Insights From Working with 3,500+ Merchants and The Future of Ecommerce with George Wojciechowski, Co-Founder of ShipBob

  George Wojciechowski co-founder and VP for partnerships of Shipbob, offers the perspective coming from the logistics point of view of the effect of the Pandemic and the opportunities for the growth of the e-markets.   WHAT YOU’LL LEARN What is Shipbob?How their company responded to the PandemicEffects of the Pandemic on the e-merchantsFuture of Online Merchants KEY POINTS Shipbob has […]

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Yev Marusenko_Podcast_ECommerce

EPISODE 32: Top Strategies for Getting $1 Billion Amazon Sales Through Facebook with Dr. Yev Marunseko, Founder of Zon Tracker

    Data scientist Yev Marusenko, Phd., founder of Zon Tracker and AMZ Jet Software shares his views on maximizing ads in the digital landscape.       WHAT YOU’LL LEARN   Making the Leap from Academia to E-commerce Importance of Tracking spillover sales Actual Purchase: True metric of advertising Ad Diversification and Strategy Specialization […]

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Podcast_Ecommerce_Chris Shipferling

EPISODE 31: How to Sell your Business for 10x multiple with M&A Advisor, Chris Shipferling, Managing Partner of Global Wired Advisors

Drawing from his decades of institutional investment banking experience, digital expertise, hundreds of e-commerce deals and over a trillion dollars’ worth in combined deal experience, Chris Shipferling, Managing Director at Global Wired Advisers talks about their services and experiences in selling e-businesses.   WHAT YOU’LL LEARN Merger and Acquisition Advisor vs Business Brokers Process of […]

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EPISODE 30: Lessons from over 20 years, 150 successful deals and taking a company public with Expert Business Acquisition Consultant, Ace Chapman

    Ace Chapman, business acquisition consultant, take us into the world of Micro Private Equity. He has experienced more than 150 deals in his lifetime and manages a private equity fund of $12 million.       WHAT YOU’LL LEARN   What is Micro Private Equity “If you want More Money, Go and Buy […]

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EPISODE 28: The 2 Fundamental Differences Between 6 Figure vs 7-8 Figure Ecom Businesses with Jeremy Horowitz

Jeremy Horowitz is the host of Messenger Mastermind podcast and agency. He is also the owner and moderator of 100 6-8 figure e-comm companies, and has managed an 8-figure Shopify channel, a 7 figure Amazon channel and responsible for more than $1.5 million revenues through SMS. He will talk about how these channels could work […]

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Rory McGonigle_ECommerce_Podcast

EPISODE 27: How to Expand Sales Off Amazon to Increase Ecom Business Value with Rory McGonigle, Founder of Smart eStrategy

    Rory McGonigle is a 7-figure brand owner and founder or Smart e-Strategy, a digital marketing agency helping other brands sell off on Amazon. He speaks on the different strategies and techniques to maximize these campaigns.       WHAT YOU’LL LEARN   Benefits and Setbacks in on and off Amazon selling How to […]

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EPISODE 26: Top Chinese Sellers’ Black Hat Secrets with Davide Nicolucci, Founder of We Are Growth Hack

    Davide Nicolucci, founder of “We Are Growth Hack”, shares his experience in working with the biggest and top Amazon sellers in the country and the strategies that propelled them to these heights.       WHAT YOU’LL LEARN   The Early Advantage of Chinese Sellers The Importance of Black Hat Tactics  Alternatives to […]

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