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Financial Services And Strategies

The necessary foundation for any business transaction. We help you get on top of the numbers you need to allow for an exit.

Increase The Value of Your Business

Don't leave money on the table. We can help you identify the levers to maximize your business value for your sale.

Organization Foundations

Operations, SOPs and Systems that allow you to unplug from the day-to-day to facilitate a smooth business transition.

Building Your Team

Let us find, hire and train your operations team to run the business so you can elevate to Business Owner instead of being Self Employed.

Increase The Value of Your Business

Don't leave money on the table. We can help you identify the levers to maximize your business value for your sale.

Double Your Sales & Growth With Amazon PPC

We’re Amazon Partners and on average our clients see over a 200% return on their investment.


Some of Our

Delighted Clients

Searching For Ways To Grow Your Amazon Sales? That’s What SellerPlex Is For.


We Are Specialists

It's our jam.

Our team of Amazon PPC specialists can help you generate more orders and greatly boost your profits.

We know exactly what it takes to get your Amazon advertising working harder, performing better & bringing More sales. More revenue. Bigger profits.


From owning an Amazon Store ourselves, we know exactly what it takes to draw out every last penny of performance from your budget.

We specialize in:

  • Utilising Amazon Sponsored Ads to significantly improve your sales.
  • Driving down your ACoS for extreme cost effectiveness.
  • Facilitating the growth of your business by increasing your sales and revenue.
  • Managed service, delivered by an Amazon ads expert.
  • Results-focused approach.
The SellerPlex Difference

How it works

Let's Grow Your Sales With Amazon Ads



Free Account Audit

We begin with an audit so we can see how your campaigns are performing, get an idea of what you’re doing right and quickly identify opportunities for improvement & growth.


Tailored Solution

Tailored Solution

When we have all the nitty gritty details. We will create an Amazon advertising strategy that aligns with your business goals and sales growth, with the aim of achieving your desired objectives.


Launch, Test, & Scale

Launch, Test, & Scale

Once onboarded. This is where you plug us in and watch us move. During this time you'll start to see some sales coming to you in the first 30-days. Once the account is fully set up, the focus will shift to optimization, scaling and new opportunities to expand.




We ensure you're 100% satisfied with the results.

Our team of experts are on your side. We are not a faceless company and our team goes above and beyond to wow our clients.

Let Us Show You Why Our Clients Consistently Rate us as excellent

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We've Worked With
1000+ E-com Stores

Here's What They Had To Say

SellerPlex has done a great job in helping me manage with logistics.

Eric Dahl

Owner of MassageChairs.com

One of SellerPlex's best aspects of the business is their communication.

Elizabeth Grojean

Founder of Baloo Living

We haven't run out of stock since working with SellerPlex.

Duncan Peters

Co-Founder of Emerge Fitness

Why Choose SellerPlex

We take care or the A-to-Z with Amazon ads. Everything from the creation to the strategy.

  • Free Account Audit
  • Tailor Made Strategy
  • Industry Leading Communication
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Proactive Account Management
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • We report daily

Book Your Free Account Audit

We'll happily perform an audit of your current campaigns performance, free of charge.

A qualified team member will review your campaign performance and give you detailed feedback that is specific to your business and demonstrate clearly where your campaigns are coming up short.

Our audits include the following:

Account Structure Review

Account Structure Review

The entire structure of your account will be looked into. We will review all your enabled and historic campaigns, keywords, ads and more to ensure that you aren't leaving money on the table.

Keyword Performance

We will look through all your keywords to let you know how these are performing. We can then offer advice and recommendations on what should be implemented to make the most from your campaigns.

Keyword Performance
Bid and bid strategy analysis

Bid and Bid Strategy Analysis

Some incredibly valuable parts of a Amazona Ads campaign include bid strategy, bid adjustments and keyword bids. We will analyse what works best for your campaign goals in order to maximise ROI by eliminating areas of wasted spend.

Ad Review

All ads will be analyzed so that we can put together recommendations on where areas of relevancy and quality can be improved.

Ad review
Moving forward

Moving Forward

We like to put an initial plan in place based on our initial findings so that we can discuss how we’d plan to move forward. This includes how we will reduce wasted spend, take advantage of growth opportunities and much more.

You Are Just One Click Away....

Every one of our client success stories started with this very same call.

This is a 100% FREE no-obligation 30-minute Blueprint session (Usually $1,000) which could easily generate upwards of 200%+ in growth for your business.

Fill out the form below to get started. We can't wait to partner with you.

Plus get instant access to the 8-part E-Com Blueprint - a million dollar roadmap to unplug, scale and sell your business for 7-figures


Eric Dahl

CEO of ComfyBumpy

"One of the best aspects of SellerPlex is their communication. You know, they're constantly following up, constantly seeing, you know, is there some way that we can improve? They're creating standard operating procedures. They're really, really dialed in because it's what they're focusing on and it allows me to focus on the things that i think are going to drive my business growth."


Duncan Peters


"We found very quickly that SellerPlex's team took control of the situation and with a very thorough onboarding process, gave us all the cofidence that we needed to hand over all control of our supply chain management to them.

They now run all of our reordering and restocking for the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the US... We have complete peace of mind that we're not going to run out of stock."


*Size tier to be based on a number of factors, such as SKU
count, number of markets etc.


Small Accounts

Starting at $1,500


Medium Accounts

Starting at $2,500


Large Accounts

Starting at $3,500


Multi-Brand Operators


Plus get instant access to the 8-part E-Com Blueprint - a million dollar roadmap to unplug, scale and sell your business for 7-figures

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