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EPISODE 55: 7 Best SEO Tactics to Give You the Competitive Edge with Benjamin Strusnik, founder of Golden Web SEO

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Benjamin Strusnik, founder and CEO of Golden Web Seo which provides all types of SEO tactics services specialized in Ecom stores. Benjamin got into online marketing when he was 12 years old and created multiple businesses since then. He has also built a YouTube channel with over 10 million views. Nate and Benjamin talk about SEO, mindset, and creating win-win situations.



  • Common mistakes sellers make with SEO
  • Building a Store with WordPress Vs Shopify
  • The Ultimate tools/plugins/apps for keyword research and on-site optimization
  • Importance of Quality Content + CRO tactics


  1. Benjamin’s knowledge of coding and development gives him a competitive edge.
  2. The structure of the website is a really important aspect of SEO (especially on mobile)
  3. Before investing in SEO make sure you are making use of channels like affiliate and influencer marketing.
  4. Adding content to your general pages and collection pages is super important.



If you would like to know more about Benjamin -Reach out to him on LinkedIn or check out his website – GoldenWeb – SEO Audits for eCommerce Stores

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