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EPISODE 63: The 8 Step Hiring Funnel for Perfect Personality Fit with Anna Shcherbyna, Founder of Remotivate

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Anna Shcherbyna, founder and CEO of Remotivate, a remote focused recruitment agency. Anna has more than 8 years of experience in recruiting. Nate and Anna have worked together for some years and they discuss how they meet, her procedure for recruiting, and her 8 step hiring funnel.



  • Anna’s story of getting into recruiting
  • How Nate and Anna met
  • The ultimate approach to finding the right culture fit
  • The 8 step hiring funnel to finding A-Players that fit your culture/personality
  • The 5+ sources to recruit high quality candidates
  • Top mistakes people make when hiring and how to avoid them early on


  1. Solidify your vision so you can attract the type of A-Players you want in your organization.
  2. A robust hiring funnel makes the hiring process easier without the fear or stress.
  3. Most common hiring mistake: Hiring a jack of all trades. 
  4. The major quality of an operations manager is resourcefulness.
  5. Indeed is a great platform to hire someone for operational roles. We listed 5 more job boards for high quality people.
  6. Job descriptions really matters in attracting the right people.



If you would like to know more about Anna – Reach out to her on LinkedIn or check out – Remotivate | Remote-Focused Recruitment Agency

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