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EPISODE 44: Google PPC to Maximize Bottom-of-Funnel Traffic for Profit with Daryl Mander, Founder of Big Flare Marketing

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Daryl Mander, founder of Big Flaire Marketing, focuses on advertising for e-businesses. They have spent over $10 million in ad spend and is working with 100 businesses. Mander shares his insights on the use of Google ads in increasing traffic and sales conversions for the e-business.



  • Use of Google PPC Ads as a Strategy
  • Standard vs Smart Shopping on Google
  • Project and Generic keywords: When to use
  • Other On Line Ad Strategies


  1. Figuring out the intent of the ad is crucial in determining the type of advertising one would engage.
  2. Even with a strong website, it is still important to do Google ads as there is synergy between the ads and website that would lead to sales conversion.
  3. Smart shopping is a new type of Google ads that allows re-targeting in the various other ad channels. This would allow the ecomm to go fast in its campaign.
  4. Consider using prospecting ads; these are ads that seek to provide awareness of the product. Conversion may not be easily made but it would generate interest.



Find out how you can maximize Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Adwords campaigns by visiting the Big Flare website. For inquiries on more ways to grow your eCommerce business, make sure to send them to

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