EPISODE 35: 13 Proven Amazon Business Strategies for Growth with The Secret Weapon of China’s Ecom Giants, Zack Franklin, Founder of AMZ Kung Fu Suite of Tools

amazon business strategies and marketing tactics

Zack Franklin, an 8 figure Amazon seller, secret weapon of some of China’s ecom giants, and founder of AMZ Kung Fu shares his takeaways in working with the Chinese e-businesses


  • The impact of selling on Amazon very early on.
  • What is behind the curtain on some of the biggest Chinese Ecommerce operations
  • Fantasy vs Reality of Black Hat practices in Chinese e-commerce
  • Be a Business Slut: The “DTF” approach to affiliate marketing with eCommerce
  • The untapped traffic sources most 7-figure Amazon sellers ignore
  • Zack Franklin’s version of the “3 Lever Principle”


  1. Chinese e-comm businesses are larger than their western counterparts but operating like any corporation.
  2. China employees just want to work, unlike their Western counterparts that make a business in order to support a lifestyle.
  3. The black hat practices in the Chinese e-businesses can be mistaken as black hat but in truth, part of their cultural norm.
  4. Affiliate marketing, selling other products, even from competitors, that are the same category as your product helps in customer retention, lifetime value, and loyalty.
  5. Don’t just focus on increasing the customer base but also increasing order value of the customer as well as retaining these customers.



You can message Zack at [email protected] or visit the AMZ30 website to subscribe to their mailing list and get updates on Amazon Business Strategies and Marketing tactics, and send your inquiries to [email protected]. You may also visit the FunnelFu website to take advantage of proven eCommerce funnels for maximum profit.

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