EPISODE 48: 13 Off-Amazon Strategies To Diversify Your Revenue Stream with Joe Reichsfeld, CEO of Ecom Optimizer

off-amazon strategies to diversify revenue

Joe Reichsfeld, founder of Ecommerce Optimizer and with more than 20 years of experience helping brands and sellers with building their online brands, shares his insights on expanding eCommerce businesses and off-Amazon strategies for revenue growth.



  • The Biggest Mistake of Amazon Sellers
  • Why selling on Amazon is powerful than selling through your personal website.
  • How can you buy content for your website
  • Communities can help you grow your worth


  1. Amazon is important but relying solely on that is harmful – you need to diversify.
  2. WordPress and Shopify plugins can be the right way for you to launch your website. 
  3. Building authority for your website starts with writing guest posts and providing value to other websites who already have authority.
  4. Create all forms of content like audio, video, tweets, etc. and schedule them at the beginning of each month to win the content game.
  5. Facebook ads need to be customized in a way that appeals to the audience. Just putting the ‘Buy Now’ button will not work on Facebook.



If you would like to know more about Joe and his company, you can check out his website – Ecommerce Workshops, Coaching, Pinterest Launch Services & More.

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