EPISODE 36: Selling Potatoes Online – Getting a Deal with Mr. Wonderful from Shark Tank with Riad Bekhit, Chief Potato Officer at Potato Parcel

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Riad Bekhit, Chief Potato Officer at Potato Parcel.com, shares his experience in presenting in Shark Tank and building the business that sells 175,000 products annually.



  • What is Potato Parcel.com
  • Shark Tank Experience
  • Benefits and Challenges in the Gifting Space


  1. Presenting in Shark Tank is a great opportunity to present you business on a national scale. Even if you do not get a deal, the exposure alone is very important in getting new customers.
  2. Riad decided to go into the gifting space because there are a smaller number of competitors and their product is very unique as compared to what is out there in the market.
  3. The product has a built-in virology given that recipients of their products would often become new customers as well.
  4. Incorporating his knowledge on customer service has helped in maintaining continuous patronage of the product with 20% order coming from repeat customers.


Send your loved ones the most unexpected gift by heading over to the Potate Parcel website. Subscribe to their newsletter, or connect with them through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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