EPISODE 30: What is the Process for Taking a Company Public – with Expert Business Acquisition Consultant, Ace Chapman

What is the Process for Taking a Company Public

Ace Chapman, business acquisition consultant, take us into the world of Micro Private Equity. He has experienced more than 150 deals in his lifetime and manages a private equity fund of $12 million.



  • What is Micro Private Equity
  • “If you want More Money, Go and Buy It”
  • Setting up the Funds
  • Business Diversification as Key to sustainable Success


  1. It is better to invest in buying a business than starting from scratch.
  2. One of the key elements for a good investor is having the correct mindset. It is not being bogged down by your actual capital but looking for ways to get the capital you need.
  3. If there is anything that the current pandemic has taught entrepreneurs, it is the importance of owning several diversified businesses. In this way, even if one business suffers because of an event, the other businesses may be able to thrive and provide continued cash flow.
  4. Look at how wealthiest people do their work and emulate it in your way of doing business.



You may visit Ace Chapman’s website for more about acquiring revenue generating websites. You should also check out his podcast with Justin Cooke called Web Equity Show, or if you’re more into videos, subscribe to Ace Chapman’s Youtube channel.

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