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EPISODE 46: Product Launch Roadmap From Designing 6,000+ Successful Products with Graphos Founder, Laurier Mandin

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Product Launch Roadmap From Designing 6,000+ Successful Products with Graphos Founder, Laurier Mandin

Laurier Mandin, founder and CEO of Graphos, has been in the marketing business for 26 years. He and his team has successfully launched more than 6,000 products from start-ups to billion-dollar companies. He shares valuable insight into creating a winning strategy for launching a new product.



  • Where to start when launching a product
  • The biggest mistake many brands make before going to market
  • Why having a Go-to-Market Roadmap is essential
  • What is a good marketing margin and why you need a healthy one
  • Importance of sustaining good marketing and branding


  1. Knowing your ideal buyer — where they are and how much they are willing to pay for your product — and identifying product-market fit are critical first steps for launching a new product.
  2. In building a Go-to-Market Roadmap, businesses tend to skip steps or ask the wrong questions during product validation, resulting in inaccurate buyer persona.
  3. When launching a brand, design a category for your brand and product where it is the market leader and ultimate brand choice. Create desire and prestige.
  4. A margin of at least 50% gives you room to improve the product further, address customer care concerns, and handle returns.



If you would like to know more about marketing products from Laurier, listen to him on the Product Knowledge Podcast. You can also check out the Graphos Product website to consult with the team about launching your product.

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