EPISODE 41: 4 Essential Questions to Ask Before Launching a 7-Figure Product with Ryan Rigney, Co-Founder of Boost Rooster

4 Essential Questions to Ask Before Launching a 7-Figure Product

Ryan Rigney is an ecommerce seller, coach and consultant, and co-founder of Boost Rooster. He is responsible for 50,000 rebates that launched and ranked various products.  He shares his experience in being a 7-figure seller on and off Amazon.



  • Ecomm Superpower
  • Sustaining Sales through Community Building
  • Current Strategy and offering comfortable Rebate program
  • Boost Rooster: How it helps


  1. It is important to develop other traffic sources outside of Amazon in case the seller is taken out of the platform.
  2. They were the first to effectively use chat bots in driving sales.
  3. Be sure that the rebate offerings do not attract lower quality buyers interested only in the promo. They do not usually become repeat buyers of the product and are only looking for the next cheaper item.
  4. Understand the traffic source being used and couple it with a good advertising campaign. Influencers, for example help build the brand but not drive the sales.



There are couple of ways you can get in touch with Ryan.

  • Visit his website, Mastery with Ryan, to get started on raking in those sales on Amazon.
  • Check out the Booster Rooster website to find out how you can supercharge your Amazon product launches with a customized dashboard.
  • Drop by the Brand Boost Blueprint website to learn more about how Ryan’s Amazon methods that lead to his over 7-Figure scale.
  • Join the Amazon FBA Marketing Secrets Facebook page for more insider tips and strategies for selling on Amazon.
  • Or you can simply send your queries to [email protected].

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