EPISODE 42: Diversifying During a Global Pandemic – the Three Realities with Danny McMillan, Host of Seller Sessions Podcast

Danny McMillan, host of “Seller Session” podcast is in the midst of a series of Facebook live discussions to help on-line entrepreneurs cope with the Pandemic. He shares valuable insight on how to operate in this new milieu.



  • Keeping Motivated
  • Having the Proper Mindset
  • What is working now
  • Future Opportunities


  1. It is important to keep oneself motivated during the time of the pandemic by consistently doing something that is meaningful.
  2. Diversifying the businesses and having the proper mindset would help one survive the pandemic since affect businesses differently.
  3. Personally, he would want to invest in entrepreneurs. It is aligned with his interest in investing in people as well as a way to have additional businesses without having the need to run the business himself.
  4. Consider the value proposition of the business first rather than its revenue potential. A business should provide meaning to keep doing it.


Don’t forget to give Danny’s podcast a listen! If you’re an Amazon FBA or Private Label seller, head on over to the Seller Sessions podcast website and catch up on the episodes.

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