What is a Master Product List And How To Make It

One of the first things we do with our clients is gather ALL product information together in one sheet. We call this the Master Product List and it becomes one of the most important documents that any Amazon seller or SellerPlex client has.

Why? Because it’s the holy grail of product information. Any and all information about products you’re selling goes into one spreadsheet, with easily trackable and exportable information.

We do this first because we know that every seller needs to have this. You simply cannot scale a business with this important info in random places in your Google Drive or Dropbox.

A good seller can find a product’s weight in the same second that they can be find the SKU associated with that product. There shouldn’t be any more time spent on that search. It will be vital in organizing shipments, understanding costs, and working with suppliers.

And it’s not just a list for the sake of having one. It’s a list that needs to be accurate, updated, and reviewed.

Because a good seller doesn’t stop at one simple Master Product List. The data from that list will go into purchase order trackers, cost of goods trackers, and more. A simple knowledge of exporting data in Google Sheets can auto-populate this info. But it means your Master Product List has to be 100% accurate and up-to-date.

This is a big MUST for businesses we work with. Having accurate and accessible info—and having a one-stop-shop for that like a Master Product List is our way of ensuring it happens. It needs to be yours too.

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What Goes Into A Proper Master Product List?

The Master Product List is a database of all products listed under FBA, along with the other vital information for each product such as:

Description (short), Brand, SKU, ASIN, FNSKU, UPC, SUPPLIER’S COMPANY, INCO TERM, HS CODE, DUTY RATE, UNITS / CTN, Length, Width, Height, CBM/ CTN, GW/ CTN.

Product Vitals

column name

Where To get

Description (short)

Seller supplied


Brand of the Product in Question


Amazon Seller central

Product 4

Amazon Seller Central


Amazon Seller Central


Amazon Seller Central


Amazon Seller Central

Supplier's Company

Seller supplied, Purchase Order (PO), Proforma Invoice (PI), Packing List (PL)


Pre-Onboarding Sheet, Purchase Order (PO), Proforma Invoice (PI), Packing List (PL)


Seller Supplied

Duty Rate

Seller supplied

units/ CTN

Seller supplied, packing list (pL)


seller supplied, packing lisy (pL)


seller supplied, packing list (pL)


seller supplied, packing list (pL)


Seller Supplied, Packing List (PL)

There’s more to our Master Product Lists. Simply sign-up below and see how we code info from Suppliers and the rest of our MUST HAVE Master Product List columns. You can see both the list and a full usable template in our Foundation SOP package.

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And you don’t just get a Master Product List template, you get access to 
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