Organize Amazon Business Files for FBA in Folders for Ultimate Success

At SellerPlex, we know that fundamentals are essential to long term business success. We believe in the idea of ‘how you do anything is how you do everything’.

And so we preach the kinds of processes that great businesses all do, and amateur ones seem to ignore. The small parts of operations that too often go overlooked. One of those basics is file and folder naming structures.

If that’s something you’ve never thought about, rethink that position now. Especially before your business grows rapidly. We’ve seen too many businesses make this mistake. And we’ve seen good business utilize folder and file organization to grow steadily and without having to make needless effort.

As an owner, you’ll accrue a lot of Amazon business files. And it’s how you input these files that matters. Because that’s what will enable you to find them later on. This is vitally important.

Easy access to these files is going to be a time saver and a fundamental part of a good business operation. If you don’t understand this now, you may learn your lesson at the worst time.

Imagine this: it’s tax time and something in your numbers isn’t adding up. The question comes down to purchase orders made between April and May of the previous year. Where are those documents? Can you find them easily? Are they labeled intelligently within a systemized and organized folder structure?

Or how about this scenario: your best product is running out of stock and your next shipment is stuck at customs. To get that product in, you need to find purchase orders, supplier info and more. Where are you going to find that? How fast and easily can you pull that up? If it’s taking you hours, that’s lost time. If you can’t find the right files, your business suffers.

Let’s be clear about this: a profitable and well-run business has its organization down! It’s in a trusted and repeatable pattern of organized Amazon business files, folders, and more.

Amateur businesses, or ones that fail to scale with ease, are the ones that are still waiting for this system to come. Still searching six, seven times to find the right purchase order. Don’t be that business.

You can always save yourself hours of time and worry by organizing from the beginning. Or, even better, having someone organize for you.

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For our file and folder naming SOP, we break down FIVE MUST DO ACTIONS. These five steps make sure your folders are organized and your business can run smoothly.

Assign Reference Codes To Vendors

Each of your vendors needs to have its own reference code. We use an alpha-numerical code for our clients.

That code goes into each file involving that vendor, the folder name, and that code is used across ALL tracking and order history sheets for easy reference (and linking!)

Coding Reference Names On Purchase Orders

A good purchase order code can be made with the following:

  • The company initials + last 2 digits of the current calendar year + month code
  • The Vendor code (see above)
  • 3 digit number series assigned in chronological order

Folder Structure

For our clients, we use a three-folder system. The three folders are: 

  1. 1
  2. 2
    Purchase Orders
  3. 3
    Shipment Information

This system helps our clients source out important information in the right spot. Files that belong to these categories should be in separate places as you’ll often look for them for separate reasons. And you’ll know exactly where to find them.

Purchase Order File Naming Structure

Use a consistent naming structure for Purchase Orders so you can locate them. Make sure every purchase order goes into the Purchase Order folder that you set up. It should be immediately easy to go through that folder since every document uses the same naming structure.

FBA Shipment Naming Structure

Use a consistent naming structure for Purchase Orders for easy search and find them when you need specific information.

Want to see the actual codes we use for our clients businesses? And want to see the folder names we help clients organize their businesses with? Sign Up NOW with your email address and we’ll send our SOP on File and Folder Naming, getting your business organized so it can scale.

And if that’s not enough, we’ll send you TEN MORE of our ESSENTIAL SOPs, that we use with clients to make their businesses more profitable, more scalable, and more attractive to buyers when it’s time to sell.


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