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Maximize returns without the headache by leveraging our experienced operations team. 

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Learn How SellerPlex Makes Running Your Business Easier

Organization Foundation

Start and optimize the basics of your organization — create master files and trusted systems.

Mastering Your Supply Chain

Build and reorganize efficient and reliable supply chains from purchase orders to final sales. 

Financial Services And Strategies

Run your business intelligently with data-driven calculations and projections. No money left on the table.

Amazon And E-Commerce Support

Boost your brand name and customer service through high-end support and delegated assistance.

About Us

Hi — I’m Nate! A few years ago, I sold my Amazon business but I kept my team.

Why? Because my team made sure my business ran smooth every day—through the highs and the lows. They optimized processes before I even had to ask.

I never had to worry about managing shipments and inventory, being on top of our finances and operations, or dealing with all the various random Amazon issues..

So I knew that whatever business I took on next, I’d find a way to bring value through what we built. And now we’re doing just that.

With Sellerplex, our team helps other business owners clean up supply chain messes, optimize for profit after an acquisition, or standardize business operations for those managing several storefronts in their portfolio.

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The Ultimate Guide to Onboarding an FBA Business After Acquisition

Buying a new Amazon business can be energizing and exciting for any entrepreneur. But owning a business can be tough, and with things like procedures and optimizations, it's easy to get overwhelmed. It seems like there's a long list of things to do, and you don't really know where to start.

This is where we come in. We at Sellerplex have over 50 years of combined Amazon experience, from supply chain to finance and e-commerce operations. We've built and sold FBA business, and worked with clients from day one and helping them grow their businesses. We've been where you are now and have come up with The Ultimate Guide to Onboarding an FBA Business after Acquisition, an easy guide to the six most important first steps of an Amazon FBA business.

Client Testimonials

One of SellerPlex's best aspects of the business is their communication.

Eric Dahl

Owner of MassageChairs.com

SellerPlex has done a great job in helping me manage with logistics.

Elizabeth Grojean

Founder of Baloo Living

We haven't run out of stock since working with SellerPlex.

Duncan Peters

Co-Founder of Emerge Fitness

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