EPISODE 8: Best Practices to Sell Your Amazon FBA Business from over 800+ deals with Thomas Smale, Founder of FE International

amazon fba business for sale

Thomas Smale, founder of FE International, one the largest e-business brokerages, provides insights on his dealings with e-Commerce merging and acquisition markets to teach you how to sell your Amazon FBA business for the best possible deal.


  • Background on FE International
  • Understanding the Mergers and Acquisition market for FBA’s
  • Dealing with buyers
  • Process of Selling an E-business
  • Effect on Coronavirus on the market
  • Tips for FBA’s


  1. There is not much difference in the process of selling and buying a bigger or smaller e-business. However, bigger businesses take longer due to its complexity.
  2. To sell your Amazon FBA business you must be willing to work with its broker in order to get the true valuation for his company.
  3. Securing the terms of payment from the buyer is very important; most often, the consideration for the inventory is neglected. Likewise, it is also important to look into the transition period that is workable for both parties.
  4. The CoronaVirus pandemic has made a lot of parties nervous. However, the market is still there as the importance of going remote is highlighted.
  5. It is important for sellers to think of his exit plan even if he has no interest in exiting. This will help guide him in making decisions for the company.
  6. If you’re looking to buy or sell a business, make your way to the FE International website and send them a message for advice or valuation queries.


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