EPISODE 9: The Truth About SBA Loans for Ecommerce from Over $250 Million in Lending with Stephen Speer, CEO of EcommerceLending.com

The Truth About SBA Loans for Ecommerce from Over $250 Million in Lending

Stephen Speer, CEO and founder of ECommerce Lending.com, the only lending company for eCommerce, walks us through how they can help people get financing for either selling or buying an e-commerce business


  • Introduction to ECommerce Lending.com
  • Seller Qualifications to secure Financing
  • Importance of Tax Returns and Risks of Fund Co-mingling
  • Determining Factors and Terms for Loan Financing
  • Effect of the CoronaVirus to the Industry


  1. Books are reviewed and clean up, removing the co-mingling of funds of various businesses and the inclusion or personal expenses in the financials. All this will affect business valuation and ultimately the ability of the business to secure the financing.
  2. Aside from the company financial statements, the tax returns are also reviewed. 
  3. There is a need to show that the business generates enough cash flow to cover debt repayment.
  4. An eCommerce intending to sell would only to have operated for two years in order to qualify for financing.
  5. Matching the right buyer to the interested seller has been crucial in ensuring successful debt re-payment.
  6. The CoronaVirus has affected some lenders to pause releasing funds; nevertheless, the selling market is still very much active.
  7. Send a message to [email protected] to schedule a consultation call for assistance in acquisition or shoring up your business for sale.


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