EPISODE 16: Buying Amazon FBA Business – The 3 “Levers” to Look with Walker Deibel, Author of Buy Then Build: How Acquisition Entrepreneurs Outsmart the Startup Game

how to go into buying amazon fba business

Walker Deibel, author of the book “Buy then Sell: How Acquisition Entrepreneurs Outsmart the Start-Up Game” shares the value of buying Amazon FBA businesses. Through his experience, he has co-founded 3 start-ups and acquired 7 companies, which includes a business from Quiet Light Brokerage before becoming one of its advisors.



  • How Deibel got started in the Buying Game
  • Drivers for Buyers
  • Effect of the SBA in the Buying Market
  • The Importance of the Business “Story”
  • Levers to Move in Buying a Business
  • Mistakes people make in selling
  • Reasons why Buying Deals Don’t Push Through


  1. Data show that the success rate of entrepreneurs buying Amazon FBA business is at 98% as opposed to those starting from scratch.
  2. SBA funding provided opportunity cash-based loans which no longer required having physical assets to secure a loan.
  3. An insightful buyer would not only look for the growth opportunity of the business, but also the optimization opportunities given the buyer’s particular skill set.
  4. Selling different e-businesses is easier if they are the same niche. Thus, it is important to have a rationale for buying businesses.
  5. The story of the business allows the buyer to understand better the business beyond the financial or operational performances.



For guidance on buying or selling eCommerce websites, you can contact Walker by visiting the Quiet Light Brokerage website and sending them a message.

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