EPISODE 15: The D.I.S.C. Management Model to Scale 5x with Mads Singer, Host of The Mad Singers Management Podcast

The D.I.S.C. Management Model to Scale 5x

Taking from his vast wealth of experience, coach Mads Singer shares the important points most often neglected by entrepreneurs regarding management.



  • Who is Mads Singer
  • Common Management Mistakes
  • Managing your Team
  • Importance of Reading Behaviors
  • Managing in times of Crisis
  • Fostering Healthy Competition Among Teams
  • Advice to Business who are taking a hit because of the Crisis
  • Final Tips on Management


  1. One mistake of companies is that they forget to train their staff who are promoted into management positions. This mistake would mean that a staff who was performing well, may suddenly under perform because he is forced to learn on the job.
  2. When you are a manager, it is no longer about you, but the people who work under you.
  3. Get to know your staff, in this way, you would be able to coach and guide them better.
  4. Learn to read behaviors. It is a better indicator than any interview and would help you place the right person to the right position.
  5. Crisis would always come on a business. It is better to have a framework wherein contingency plans are in place as preparation in case a crisis occurs.
  6. It is better to push high performers than spend too much time with under performers.



To learn more about effective and efficient people management, head on over the Mads Singers’ website and check out his course, podcast, and resources.

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