EPISODE 14: The #1 Way to Fail During a Crisis and How to Prevent it with ‘The Triggers Method’ with Itamar Marani, Ex-Isreali Special Forces and Business Consultant

How not to fail during Coronavirus crisis

In this special episode, Itamar Marani, of the Marani Consulting, offers sage advice on enlivening the entrepreneurial spirit during crisis situations.


  • “We do not rise to the occasion, we will fall to the lowest level of training”
  • Remaining Calm during Tumultuous Times
  • The importance of Daily Discipline and Proper Routine
  • Having the Right Mindset


  1. Entrepreneurs think that crisis situations are when they rise to meet the challenges. That rarely happens because we are in the middle of stress. It is important to detach from the situation and calm the mind to properly strategize.
  2. It is important to define clear triggers that would activate a contingency plan. In this way, we can avoid being emotional by making the hard decisions.
  3. Having focus is the key in being able to see the current opportunities in the situation.
  4. Highlighting the wins for the day is also important in having a good business outlook.
  5. Exercise: this helps in re-focusing and venting stress.



If you’re looking for a new perspective by employing better tactics and strategies to gain a clearer goal for you and your team, make sure to visit the Marani Consulting website.

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