EPISODE 7: Growing an Integrated E-Commerce Business with Giorgio Piccoli

Growing an Integrated E-Commerce Business with Giorgio Piccoli

Giorgio Piccoli, Founder of American Flats and AMFLAT Logistics speaks about the rigors and pitfalls a growing e-commerce business face and the discipline needed in order to successfully traverse this landscape.


  • Ensuring business cash flow for success
  • Experience in Credit Lines
  • Exploring Payment Terms with Suppliers
  • Business Expansion and Growth: What does it entail?
  • Effects of the Corona Virus and Preparing for future disruptions
  • Tips for Exiting FBA’s


  1. It is important for a starting up e-commerce business to try different distribution platforms in order to reach the target customer. Match the product to the right e-distribution platform.
  2. Diversifying the revenue streams is important in maintaining a good cash flow for the business. Using the earnings of one business to support the operations of another start-up would help establish the second business.
  3. It is important for e-businesses to re-invest their money back into the business to make it sustainable. It is always better to ramp up the business slowly.
  4. As the e-business grow, it is advisable to look for smaller suppliers where your business would provide the major transaction. In this way, it would be easier for you to negotiate terms of payments.
  5. Look for new business opportunities in current operations to further provide additional revenue streams.
  6. While it is understandable that at the start, you would be on top of the business operations. As you grow, you need to be able to hire professionals to handle your business so that you can concentrate on other things. Take a two week vacation with no cell phones; if the business survives in the two weeks, then you are ready to go into the other important endeavors.
  7. Find out more about valuation and how to save money when you visit the AMFLAT Logistics website, and get in touch by sending a message to [email protected].


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