How To Add an Extra $408,529 Revenue Using A Secret Amazon Hack [Anonymous Large Seller Case Study]

All consumer brands should be making a serious effort at selling on Amazon.

It’s the world’s 3rd largest search engine. 

It’s the most used commerce site in the US & Worldwide.

And more importantly, it’s where shoppers go to shop. 

But success on Amazon isn’t as straightforward as internet guru’s make it out to be. 

It requires a lot of time, a devoted team with expertise, and proven systems and processes

If you don’t have any of those…

Amazon can be a dark, dangerous & lonely place financially.

Luckily for you SellerPlex can help

Just like it helped Anonymous Large Seller.

In this case study, we want to talk about the un-sexy, un-cool & unheard of way to add an extra $408,529 to your YOY profits… Without adding new products or investing into paid advertising. 

But first…

Let us introduce you to our client Anonymous Large Seller.

Anonymous Large Seller connects the most innovative brands with the most important retailers, helping sellers with consumer brands to establish and build retail distribution channels and get into stores like Whole Foods, KMart or GNC. 

We were involved with Anonymous Large Seller Direct, a subdivision which acts as an extension of an ecom brand’s internal team—buying products, controlling inventory, and managing advertising—to optimize direct channels (including Amazon), streamline, optimize & grow sales.

We have been a business partner with Anonymous Large Seller since 2019 managing the day to day operations and supply chain for their portfolio of brands, as well as managing and optimizing all of the listings acting as a white label service provider for Anonymous Large Seller’s “Anonymous Large Seller Direct” offering.

Our task was to recover any lost revenue that was the fault of Amazon.

Yep, the un-sexy way to get extra revenue is to dispute with Amazon.  

But, did you know that if Amazon damages and/or loses a product, inventories less than you shipped, mishandles a return, etc. that should result in a refund to you?

Amazon isn’t the perfect platform and makes mistakes surprisingly often.

But it isn’t possible to track what is owed and file a case for each refund because they have no incentive to make this an easy process for you.

However, when you have a proven proprietary system, it becomes so much easier.

We filed cases on behalf of the Anonymous Large Seller for every time we believed Amazon owed their account money. 

Any recovered money is a reimbursement that goes directly into your account. 

Since Anonymous Large Seller started our Revenue Recovery Program at the end of 2021, we managed to reimburse close to half a million in less than a year.

$408,529 to be exact using this hidden Amazon hack.

Would you like us to do the same for your Biz?

We will file cases on your behalf every time we believe Amazon owes your account money. 

Any recovered money is a reimbursement that goes directly into your account. After you have been reimbursed, we invoice you 25% of the amount recovered. Since this would not otherwise be on your radar.

Sounds fair enough?

It is the only thing close to free money using Amazon FBA.

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