EPISODE 51: From Print-On-Demand to $400K/Day Revenue with Jonathan Foltz, Founder of Digital Age Business Agency

Jonathan Foltz co-founder of Pitch Investors Live and digital age business agency. He has built a 4 million dollar brand in 4 different industries in the last 4 years. He is also the owner of multiple Ecomm brands and has taken one of the brands to 7-figure within a month.


  • Why data is king and what you can do with it
  • Importance of post-purchase funnel
  • 500/100 rule of silicon valley
  • The mindset to create $1,000+/day
  • The story about from the verge of shutting down the company to having a quarter million in sales.


  1. Having tunnel vision and collaboration with the right people helped Jonathan to go from zero to quarter million
  2. Shopify’s advantage over Amazon because is the ability to install apps like an iPhone based on the services you need.
  3. There are three levels of Ecom as per Jonathan- 1. Drop-Shipping. 2. White Labeling 3. Private Labeling
  4. 2020 is the time where greatest wealth transfer will happen event during a global pandemic.


If you would like to know more about Jonathan – Read his articles on Medium, LinkedIn or you can check out – PITCH Investors Live – The Future of Opportunity

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