EPISODE 47: The 5 Keys to Unlock an 8-Figure Ecom with Terry Williamson, Founder of Zon Marketer

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Terry Williamson, Founder, and CEO of Zon Marketer and a serial entrepreneur with multiple 7-figure and 8-figure exits. He will share with us how he helps other businesses build their brand, as well as valuable insights into building a successful business.



  • Why mindset is the first step from being a 7-figure seller to an 8-figure seller
  • 3 metrics to look for when looking for business opportunities
  • The #1 keyword strategy to win at Amazon’s game
  • Will’s approach to a new business (if he had to start from scratch)


  1. If you want to win, get really good at one thing and build systems and methods around that.
  2. Start with the goal in mind, work backward, and build the system using that to scale the business and reach 8 figures.
  3. You can compete at any product, it all comes down to winning strategy which is a combination of keyword, relevance, and conversion rate.


If you would like to know more about Terry and his company, you can check out his website – Terry Williamson or to learn his 8- figure Amazon blueprint you can check out ZonMarketer.

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