7 Best Content Marketing Strategies to Boost Website Traffic

If you scroll through your feed and notice the amount of articles, ads, and various posts being shared, you can see that there’s no doubt anymore how crucial content marketing strategies are. With more and more businesses growing their brand online, it has become quintessential for marketers to use content to push for visibility and relevance. In addition to that, to attain credibility amidst an enormous amount of content, the right types of content for social media, website, blog or email can go a long way in enhancing your industry authority.

In fact, 78% of consumers find content marketing to be a better way to learn more about a company as compared to paid ads. So if you want to implement an effective content marketing strategy that will help drive organic traffic to your website, here are some content marketing strategies that you might want to take advantage of.

1. Make Your Content Evergreen

Make Your Content Evergreen

To make the most out of every content that you publish, especially if you are maintaining your own content marketing blog, it’s a good idea to exert every effort to make them evergreen. An evergreen content gets to continuously receive search traffic long after its publication because the information laid out is always going to be relevant.

Keep in mind that more than just providing long-lasting useful content, you should also take into account how search engines will index it. Because no matter how good your article is, if search engine optimization is not taken into consideration, your content will just float around in the internet along with thousands of others

2. Use Relevant Keywords Within Your Content Marketing Strategies

If you try to do a search for a specific niche, let’s say ‘ content marketing examples and strategies’, lots of resources appear. And in each of these search results, you’ll find some common words or terms being used — these are what we call keywords. The search engine will use these to index your page and make it possible for users to find your content. With the right set of keywords, you can improve the searchability of your content and make landing on the first page of search engine results highly possible.

For this to work, you must do keyword research. It's important that you understand your niche and how to increase direct traffic to your website. If you are offering content marketing services, what kind of search words or phrases would your target audience use? By using some of the best keyword research tools on the internet, you’ll be able to source the right keywords or phrases, especially long tail keywords, to incorporate in your content.

3. Focus on Content that is Relevant to Your Niche

One essential element on how to improve Google search ranking is by integrating the right keywords with a good quality content that is related to your niche. Most companies that invest in content marketing strategies maintain their own blog and publish regular content. To make the most out of these efforts, you should focus solely on topics that can help boost your authority as a reliable resource on a specific niche.

For example, if you want to establish your authority as a successful Amazon seller, it can be a good idea to create a blog that provides tips on how to start and maintain a successful Amazon business.

4. Check Out the Competition

Another good strategy on how to drive massive traffic to your website is by incorporating visual elements into your content marketing strategies. Many businesses make use of relevant images, infographics, videos, and even podcasts to drive more traffic towards their website. These elements can make your content more inviting and more shareable through different social media channels.

5. Enhance Shareability through Visual Elements

Enhance Shareability through Visual Elements

Aside from your concerns on business license and tax ID information, you should also take into account the type of selling plan to choose if you want to be a seller on Amazon. Will you register as an individual or professional seller? But how do you choose between a professional or an individual selling plan? Let’s break down the differences.

6. Incorporate Relevant, Authoritative Links

It is good practice to provide your readers with working links that can lead them to other useful, relevant resources other than your own. Let’s say you are writing about tips on how to be a successful Amazon seller. To help improve your search engine ranking, insert relevant outbound links to some of the top Amazon blogs where your readers can learn more from.

By using some authoritative links in your content, you are giving search engines an idea of what type of content you have. If you establish links to blogs and websites that have the same niche as yours, you can also increase the traffic towards your website.

7. Share and Promote Your Own Content

When it comes to executing strategies on how to drive leads to your website or blog, one of the best ways is to promote your content. Share it on different social media platforms and give your followers an idea of your branding marketing strategy. With the number of social media users projected to reach 2.96 billion, it only makes sense to pair up your content marketing strategy with different social media marketing techniques that are currently being used by different online brands.

By implementing the right set of content marketing techniques, you’ll be able to raise your brand’s reputation and searchability. Combining your content marketing strategy with other promotional efforts can go a long way in reaching your target audience and growing your business.


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