EPISODE 21: How To Strategically Plan For Your Biggest Payday With Scott Deetz, Founder of Northbound Group

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Scott Deetz, founder of Northbound Group talks about the key points in growing the valuation of an e-business before it is sold.



  • Introducing the Northbound Group
  • 3 and 1: Discovering what the Buyers are looking for
  • Process of Engagement of the Northbound Group
  • Building the Partner-Supplier to improve cash flow and inventory
  • Buyer’s Affective Value and what it means for Amazon sellers
  • Common mistakes in Exiting and how to avoid them


  1. 50% of the cash in one’s pocket would come from exiting the business.
  2. Focusing on the key elements that the buyer would be looking for early on is key to securing the valuation that one is expecting for the company.
  3. Northbound Group would present a forecast of the future performance of the company, with and without additional capitalization, vs the current value to help owners decide whether they would want to sell. 
  4. It is important that suppliers can understand the entire “story” of the business and how it affects the cash flow in order for a successful renegotiation of terms.
  5. While earnings of the business may prove its potential, buyers are more interested in the money they could get in the future.
  6. Northbound Group could help sellers prepare the materials they need to prepare for the exit so that the owner can continue to focus on growing the business. In this way, there would be a better chance for a higher valuation.


Make sure to visit the Northbound Group website to find out more about how you can set yourself up for a successful exit. You may also contact Scott directly at [email protected] for specific queries.

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