EPISODE 1: Pre-Exit Accounting Fundamentals with Ben McAdam

Virtual CFO Ben McAdam shares the importance of getting to know the fundamental roles of your accounting team and the nitty gritty of forming and selling your company. As well as his role in coaching businesses by focusing on the numbers and helping you grow them.



  • Role of financial tasks in Growing an FBA
  • Introducing the Virtual CFO/Profit Coach
  • Tips in maximizing Profit 



  1. The various financial tasks in a business (bookkeeping, accounting, CFO) is crucial in providing a clear picture on the condition and growth capacity of any company. Financial reports are important in informing on the strategies that a company may undertake to ensure a successful and profitable undertaking.
  2. It is important to have a change of mindset on how one views taxes and hiring. Attitudes of wanting to pay the lowest tax possible as well as not delegating jobs that the owners are doing may hamper the potential growth of the company.
  3. The Virtual CFO not only provides an objective eye in reviewing the financial and operational standing of a company but more importantly provides cash flow projections. This will enable owners to make informed decisions on which expenses the company would be able to bear in the long run.
  4. To ensure the success of a business and adequate capital to respond to changes, there should be a good gross profit margin. This is often neglected when pricing a product and have led to the failure of businesses.

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