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If you’re working towards selling your business, it’s important to have all of your financials, logistics, and marketing in order so that you can get the best possible SDE. Using SellerPlex is a great way to manage logistics, finances, and optimize product listings – but late-stage marketing efforts are often harder to come by. One of the best marketing efforts for seasoned sellers to scale up their products is Amazon Editorial Recommendations. 

What are Amazon Editorial Recommendations? 

The Best Air Fryers: A product recommendation by America’s Test Kitchen

Amazon Editorial Recommendations post directly to Amazon on relevant keywords. They contain three to eight products (most often five) and award each product with a title that distinguishes it from the others in the recommendation. The first three products perform the best, with the first performing 30-40 percent better than the next two, according to data from Seller Rocket.

Each recommendation is posted by a member of the Amazon Onsite Associates Program. The program is invite only and has about 200 reputable publishers who receive commissions for any sales that are driven through the editorial recommendation – incentivizing publishers to post Editorial Recommendations on as many keywords as they can. Though the publishers vary from well-run blogs to the most reputable of publishers like Forbes, data has shown that the publisher who posts the recommendation does not affect the sales growth of the seller. 

The specific recommendation above, “The Best Air Fryers” renders on the keyword “air fryer”, but that doesn’t mean it renders 100% of the time. Most Amazon Editorial Recommendations render 25% of the time, meaning that every 1 in 4 times someone searches the term, it will appear. That variance is dependent upon user demographics and click patterns. Just because that recommendation showed when I searched it does not mean it will show next time. You can see here if that recommendation renders for you. 

The Benefits of Amazon Editorial Recommendations

Amazon Editorial Recommendations have a ton of benefits because they take up a large amount of front-page real estate and they come from an external source.

This includes improvements in: 

    • Product trust

    • PPC efficiencies

    • SEO performance

    • Share-of-voice

    • Organic rank

    • Conversions

Improvements in front-page real estate are huge because seeing a product multiple times increases the chance of purchase. That also means that once your Editorial Recommendation goes live on a specific keyword, you should redirect your PPC advertising to that page to increase conversion rates. 

PPC efficiency improvements are one of the greatest benefits of Amazon Editorial Recommendations, with the greatest lift in revenue being through this channel. This is because redirecting PPC on a page with high product visibility greatly increases the chance of conversion.

Graph 1: 41% sales lift in one month, 33% through organic and PPC improvements

Graph 1 shows results from a Seller Rocket study after being in Amazon Editorial Recommendations for one month. There was a 41 percent lift in sales with just 8 percent of that being directly attributable to the recommendation. 33 percent of the improvement came through improvements in PPC and organic channels.

Knowing where to target PPC efforts is a great way to increase sales and decrease ad spend. 

Graph 2: 73% lift in product views, 51% lift in daily orders

Since Amazon Editorial Recommendations are SEO-based, with the greatest sales growth coming from PPC and organic channels, it takes time to see results. Though results like a 51 percent improvement in daily orders in Graph 2 occurred after just a month, the best results come with time, with results really improving after three or four months.  

Requirements For Amazon Editorial Recommendations

Amazon Editorial Recommendations are great to use once you’ve already optimized your product listings, are rendering on some keywords, have increased your social credibility by getting some reviews, and are properly managing your inventory. If you’re lacking in these areas, talk to SellerPlex about inventory management and content optimization services to help scale up your products so they’re ready for Editorial Recommendations. 

The requirements for Amazon Editorial Recommendations include: 

    • 100+ reviews

    • 4+ rating

    • Sufficient and well-managed inventory to handle high demand

    • High-performance on some keywords 

    • No relation to religion, sex, or drugs

    • No medical claims

These requirements are meant to ensure that the recommendations stay credible so that buyers continue to use them, and are favored by the publishers because high-performing products will likely get them the greatest amount of commissions from Amazon. 

How to Access Amazon Editorial Recommendations 

Seller Rocket is an agency that specializes in product recommendations from reputable sources. They partner with more than 100 Amazon Onsite Associates (there are 200 total), screen products to ensure they meet the publisher’s qualifications, then tactically match the products with the best publisher to write the recommendation. 

Seller Rocket formed specifically to better the seller-to-publisher contact process for the Onsite Associate’s Program and has now expanded to offer more services. When the Onsite Associate’s program formed, sellers had little to no success contacting the publishers, and publishers were receiving a flood of emails from sellers wanting them to try their products; it was inefficient on both sides. Now Seller Rocket provides a bridge to ease the process. 

Closing Thoughts

Amazon Editorial Recommendations work great on their own, but have shown to work even better alongside other scaling services. Consider pairing Amazon Editorial Recommendations alongside SellerPlex’s Scale to Scale accelerator to best improve your revenue growth and grow your business so it’s ready for sale!

About Seller Rocket

Seller Rocket is an advanced-eCommercePR company founded with the purpose of easing the affiliate marketing process. Today, we’re working with 100+ reputable publishers to help 2000+ brands gain competitive channel access to affiliate content. This document details each of our core services.


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