TikTok Shop - Affiliate Center Program


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Increase Brand Awareness by leveraging TikTok Shop while generating sales with a lower CAC, paying only per results.

Amazon Sales For Ambitious Brands



The TikTok Affiliate Center will help generate conversations on TikTok in a safer way to invest money. Why? Because brands only pay based on the results creators generate. Affiliates are not like traditional influencers; they are real people making honest recommendations to those similar to them.


To identify a potential product we need to answer the following questions:

  • Can solve a need of a wide niche?
  • Has an accessible price? Is It allowed?
  • Can a creator tell an engaging story with it?

Check out the last weekly report for one of the brands we are beta testing:

  • ROI of 82% In 1 month
  • More than 700k views on TikTok
  • More than 20K in sales paying only by results

What We Do

  • Platform Management
  • Creation of Affiliate Plans
  • Brief Creation
  • Daily Communication and Sourcing of Profiles
  • Creation of Affiliate Campaigns for the Targeted Plan
  • Review Management
  • Increase Positive Review Rate
  • Weekly Reports
  • Run Spark Ads
  • Creating Cases with TikTok Support When a Listing Gets Removed

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