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We Take Supply Chain Management Seriously.

We perfected the extremely important day-to-day supply chain and logistics stuff you hate, so you can work on the stuff you love, like growing your Amazon FBA business.

We Understand Amazon Supply-Chain

Our expert team can diagnose your bottlenecks to turn overwhelming chores, like dealing with five suppliers and low inventory, to a well oiled money making machine.

We keep you cashflow positive every step of the way by ensuring constant monitoring, cost-saving opportunities, and more.

  • We Identify which SKU is actually making you money with an updated profit-per-SKU analytics.
  • We find opportunities to cut costs, improve cash flow and grow your business value using our in-house finance intelligence team to deliver easy-to-digest monthly reports.
  • Have ultimate confidence in selling your business, get financing, or close out a round of investments with compliant books and financial audits that make sense.

“We found very quickly that SellerPlex’s team took control of the situation and with a very thorough onboarding process, gave us all the confidence that we needed to hand over all control of our supply chain management to them.

They now run all of our reordering and restocking for the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the US… We have complete peace of mind that we’re not going to run out of stock.”

Duncan Peters


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No More Surprises With Your Cash Flow & Inventory

Our team has over 15+ years of combined experience in AMZ ecommerce and understand that cashflow is the lifeblood of your business.

We also know that every business is different. We’re confident we’ve seen it all so we cater our services to match your business as smooth as possible.

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Words From Our Other Clients

Elizabeth Grojean - CEO of ComfyBumpy

“One of the best aspects of SellerPlex is their communication. You know, they're constantly following up, constantly seeing, you know, is there some way that we can improve? They're creating standard operating procedures. They're really, really dialed in because it's what they're focusing on and it allows me to focus on the things that I think are going to drive my business growth.”

Eric Dahl - CEO of Baloo

“I wanted someone who knew more about this industry than me. That's when I found SellerPlex and it completely changed the game.”