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Most would agree that the hardest part about getting into business is starting it. Deciding what business to start and how to jumpstart it is half the challenge. But once you have a clear vision of where to take your business, it gets a little easier. You’ll have already devised a plan, implement them, and manage the progress as you work towards growing your business.

But there is one other decision every successful Ecomm/FBA business owner must determine which is just as difficult to make: to sell or not to sell?

Regardless of what your current opinion is about selling your business, at SellerPlex we recommend that you run your company as if it’s preparing for a big sale. Why?

First, when a given business is ready for sale among other things it usually means that the company has been delivering stable profits for at least two years. The larger the profits, the bigger the sales multiple.

Second, buyers want to acquire organized companies with structured and documented operating procedures (SOPs) and data, allowing less managerial effort from the owner. Essentially, a company must be able to run itself with minimal to no supervision.

Third, growth potential is an essential metric for buyers. A business with a history of growth and/or clear vision of steps to take in order to grow further will be beneficial to anyone involved - whether you are the original business owner or potential buyer.

This Roadmap to 7-Figure & Sellable Amazon Business will lead the way to growing your business to be appealing to buyers from financial as well as operational points of view.

Instead of struggling to find the best steps to take, use this Roadmap, to jump right into earning more money and enjoying your new life and your lifestyle. In the end, if you want to sell your business, this guide will set you up for that. If you want to keep it running, you’ll have a more efficient and profitable business to run.

We’ve seen it firsthand and we know there’s a way to work less, have fewer obligations, and still make seven figures on Amazon. And it’s all laid out for you right here in this guide. See more about us here.

We’ve divided this into three main parts — Administration, Logistics, And Growth. Each has a series of to-do’s for you to complete on your way.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) provided in this article are available by opt-In at www.SellerPlex.com

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