EPISODE 40: How To Add Massive Value To Your Product To Command Great Margins with Bradley Abbot, Lead Developer at Connectable Design

How To Add Massive Value To Your Product To Command Great Margins

Bradley Abbott is the lead developer of Connectable Design and Development which is responsible for developing hundreds of products and has partnerships with factories abroad and in China. He will elucidate in the importance of value adding product design for a successful business.



  • Genesis of the Business
  • Developing the Winning Product
  • Following the Process of product development
  • Launching the product
  • Looking for the opportunity


  1. You need to understand the basic DNA of the product; what problem is it trying to solve.
  2. In developing the product, understanding the point of view of the end users add value to the product and provide an insight on the product’s final look.
  3. Value adding product development should consider not only the cost of making the product but more importantly the value that the end users puts on the developed product as well.
  4. Most products are borne out of evolution over time; having the discipline of imagining a product as it is being used would help in optimizing its final design.
  5. While form and function are linked, it should be remembered that the final form is a function in itself. It makes the product accessible to the user as well as promote the final brand.



Find out more about how you can design your products effectively and seek assistance in end-to-end product development, make sure to visit the Connectable Designs website.

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