EPISODE 26: Top Chinese Sellers’ Black Hat Secrets with Davide Nicolucci, Founder of We Are Growth Hack

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Davide Nicolucci, founder of “We Are Growth Hack”, shares his experience in working with the biggest and top Amazon sellers in the country and the strategies that propelled them to these heights.



  • The Early Advantage of Chinese Sellers
  • The Importance of Black Hat Tactics 
  • Alternatives to Black Hat Tactics
  • How to Do Key Word Targeting
  • Structuring an On-line Campaign


  1. The Chinese culture played an important part in the initial advantage of Chinese e-commerce businesses in the industry.
  2. There are ways to optimize one’s listing and ranking in Amazon without resorting to Black Hat tactics. Maximizing and strategically placing the key words of a brand and exploring many channels for visibility are just some of the possible interventions.
  3. Honest hard work is no replacement for using available tools on the internet.
  4. Finding the right niche helps in market targeting.


Learn more about how you can grow your Amazon sales by visiting the We Are Growth Hack website. Send Davids your questions if you’ve got them!

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