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Growing an Integrated E-Commerce Business

EPISODE 7: Growing an Integrated E-Commerce Business with Giorgio Piccoli

Giorgio Piccoli, Founder of American Flats and AMFLAT Logistics speaks about the rigors and pitfalls a growing e-commerce business face and the discipline needed in order to successfully traverse this landscape. GROWING AN INTEGRATED E-COMMERCE – WHAT YOU’LL LEARN Ensuring business cash flow for success Experience in Credit Lines Exploring Payment Terms with Suppliers Business […]

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selling your fba business

EPISODE 2: Get The Most Money When Selling Your FBA Business with Alex Champagne

Alex Champagne, Director of Sales of Empire Flippers, talks about FBA market trends, best optimization practices, and tips on selling your business for the most money. He also touches on the significant impact of the CoronaVirus pandemic in the eCommerce industry. https://open.spotify.com/episode/13In9GjzYLgCOlCviIYpP4 WHAT YOU’LL LEARN Introduction on the Empire Flippers What are Buyers looking for […]

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pre-exit accounting fundamentals

EPISODE 1: Pre-Exit Accounting Fundamentals with Ben McAdam

Virtual CFO Ben McAdam shares the importance of getting to know the fundamental roles of your accounting team and the nitty gritty of forming and selling your company. As well as his role in coaching businesses by focusing on the numbers and helping you grow them. https://open.spotify.com/episode/48HVbSoWDxVLHAuXuxGpM4 PRE-EXIT ACCOUNTING FUNDAMENTALS – WHAT YOU’LL LEARN Role […]

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