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online business deals

EPISODE 17: Key Insights in Online Business Deals From Over $225,000,000 in Through Quiet Light Brokerage With Founder, Mark Daoust

  Mark Daoust, founder of Quiet Light Brokerage, discusses the intricacies involved in the selling of an e-business regardless of its size and the preparation it would take to prepare a business to sell.   KEY INSIGHTS FROM OVER $225M IN ONLINE BUSINESS DEALS – WHAT YOU’LL LEARN Background of Quiet Light BrokerageHow to pick a Broker when selling […]

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Walker Deibel_Podcast_ECommerce

EPISODE 16: Buying Amazon FBA Business – The 3 “Levers” to Look with Walker Deibel, Author of Buy Then Build: How Acquisition Entrepreneurs Outsmart the Startup Game

    Walker Deibel, author of the book “Buy then Sell: How Acquisition Entrepreneurs Outsmart the Start-Up Game” shares the value of buying Amazon FBA businesses. Through his experience, he has co-founded 3 start-ups and acquired 7 companies, which includes a business from Quiet Light Brokerage before becoming one of its advisors.       […]

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disc management model

EPISODE 15: The D.I.S.C. Management Model to Scale 5x with Mads Singer, Host of The Mad Singers Management Podcast

    Taking from his vast wealth of experience, coach Mads Singer shares the important points most often neglected by entrepreneurs regarding management.       THE D.I.S.C MANAGEMENT MODEL – WHAT YOU’LL LEARN   Who is Mads Singer Common Management Mistakes Managing your Team Importance of Reading Behaviors Managing in times of Crisis Fostering […]

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fail during crisis

EPISODE 14: The #1 Way to Fail During a Crisis and How to Prevent it with ‘The Triggers Method’ with Itamar Marani, Ex-Isreali Special Forces and Business Consultant

In this special episode, Itamar Marani, of the Marani Consulting, offers sage advice on enlivening the entrepreneurial spirit during crisis situations. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN “We do not rise to the occasion, we will fall to the lowest level of training” Remaining Calm during Tumultuous Times The importance of Daily Discipline and Proper Routine Having the […]

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sell your ecommerce business faster

EPISODE 12: Sell Your Ecommerce Business 70% Faster Than Average in the EU with Wilhelm Reich, CEO of DragonFlip

    DragonFlip co-founder and partner, Wilhelm Reich, discusses the selling and buying market in Germany, appealing to different kinds of online business buyers, and financing options for sellers.       SELL YOUR BUSINESS FASTER IN THE EU – WHAT YOU’LL LEARN   What is DragonFlip? Accessing the services of DragonFlip Kinds of Buyers […]

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how to get credit line

EPISODE 11: How to Get a $150,000 Credit Line and Build Business Credit with 17 Year Expert Ty Crandall, CEO of CreditSuite.com

    Ty Crandall, CEO of CreditSuite.com discusses the various credit and financing option available for e-businesses in this time of crisis.         WHAT YOU’LL LEARN   Parallels of the 2008 Mortgage Crisis with the Current Crisis New Credit Opportunities available in the Current Crisis The importance of the 3 C’s in […]

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SBA Loans for Ecommerce

EPISODE 9: The Truth About SBA Loans for Ecommerce from Over $250 Million in Lending with Stephen Speer, CEO of EcommerceLending.com

        Stephen Speer, CEO and founder of ECommerce Lending.com, the only lending company for eCommerce, walks us through how they can help people get financing for either selling or buying an e-commerce business       SBA LOANS FOR ECOMMERCE – WHAT YOU’LL LEARN   Introduction to ECommerce Lending.com Seller Qualifications to […]

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sell your amazon fba business

EPISODE 8: Best Practices to Sell Your Amazon FBA Business from over 800+ deals with Thomas Smale, Founder of FE International

Thomas Smale, founder of FE International, one the largest e-business brokerages, provides insights on his dealings with e-Commerce merging and acquisition markets to teach you how to sell your Amazon FBA business for the best possible deal. LISTEN ON SPOTIFY SELL YOUR AMAZON FBA BUSINESS – WHAT YOU’LL LEARN Background on FE International Understanding the […]

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