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Amazon FBA FlatFile Data Backup Skipping

Amazon FBA FlatFile Data Backup Skipping – A Risk No Seller Should Take

If you haven’t had an Amazon emergency happen to your account, count yourself lucky. But don’t count yourself risk-free. Emergencies can come out of nowhere and wipe your listings. Don’t believe us?We’ve seen dozens of emergencies—ranging from account hacks to Amazon delistings to suppliers shutting down.Some emergencies can be especially painful for sellers that have […]

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What is a Master Product List

What is a Master Product List And How To Make It

One of the first things we do with our clients is gather ALL product information together in one sheet. We call this the Master Product List and it becomes one of the most important documents that any Amazon seller or SellerPlex client has.Why? Because it’s the holy grail of product information. Any and all information about products […]

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remove negative feedback on amazon

How to Remove Negative Feedback on Amazon

Third-Party Sellers cover around 50%, if not more, of the sales on Amazon marketplaces.This year alone has added over a million new sellers. With this, it is inevitable that you might be selling the exact same thing that thousand others are offering.So put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and think:What is the most important factor […]

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