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Ryan Rigney_Podcast_Ecommerce

EPISODE 41: 4 Essential Questions to Ask Before Launching a 7-Figure Product with Ryan Rigney, Co-Founder of Boost Rooster

Ryan Rigney is an ecommerce seller, coach and consultant, and co-founder of Boost Rooster. He is responsible for 50,000 rebates that launched and ranked various products.  He shares his experience in being a 7-figure seller on and off Amazon.   WHAT YOU’LL LEARN Ecomm Superpower Sustaining Sales through Community Building Current Strategy and offering comfortable […]

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Bradley Abbot_Podcast_ECommerce

EPISODE 40: How To Add Massive Value to Your Product That Command Great Margins with Bradley Abbot, Lead Developer at Connectable Design

Bradley Abbott is the lead developer of Connectable Design and Development which is responsible for developing hundreds of products and has partnerships with factories abroad and in China. He will elucidate in the importance of value adding product design for a successful business.   WHAT YOU’LL LEARN Genesis of the Business Developing the Winning Product […]

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Anton Kraly_Podcast_ECommerce

EPISODE 38: 8-Figure Brand Building and Insights from 10,000 Ecom Students with Anton Kraly, Founder of Dropship Lifestyle

    Anton Kraly has built e-commerce stores since 2007. Through Dropship Lifestyle, he developed a program that has trained about 10,000 students all over the world in starting their own drop ship stores. This program has been awarded as the Best e-Comm course by Shopify.       WHAT YOU’LL LEARN   Genesis of […]

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Ron Lynch_Podcast_Ecommerce

EPISODE 37: The $4 BILLION Marketing Strategy for Branding, Advertising, and Story with Ron Lynch, Marketing Mercenary and CEO of Big Baby Agency

Ron Lynch, known as the Marketing Mercenary, has over $4 billion in attributed revenue with marketing campaigns he’s involved with. He also wrote 13 screenplays and 4 books.   WHAT YOU’LL LEARN What hydroponics taught Ron about marketing products successfully. Why the magic number for brand longevity is “5x” The $4 Billion Ad Types to […]

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Riad Bekhit_Podcast_Ecommerce

EPISODE 36: Getting a Deal with Mr. Wonderful from Shark Tank by Selling Potatoes Online with Riad Bekhit, Chief Potato Officer at Potato Parcel

Riad Bekhit, Chief Potato Officer at Potato Parcel.com, shares his experience in presenting in Shark Tank and building the business that sells 175,000 products annually.   WHAT YOU’LL LEARN What is Potato Parcel.com Shark Tank Experience Benefits and Challenges in the Gifting Space KEY POINTS Presenting in Shark Tank is a great opportunity to present […]

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Zack Franklin_Podcast_Ecommerce

EPISODE 35: 13 Proven Tactics to Improve your Amazon Business with The Secret Weapon of China’s Ecom Giants, Zack Franklin, Founder of AMZ Kung Fu Suite of Tools

    Zack Franklin, an 8 figure Amazon seller, secret weapon of some of China’s ecom giants, and founder of AMZ Kung Fu shares his takeaways in working with the Chinese e-businesses     WHAT YOU’LL LEARN   The impact of selling on Amazon very early on. What is behind the curtain on some of […]

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Jaryd Krause_ECommerce_Podcast

EPISODE 34: The 3 Deal Killers to Look For When Buying an Online Business with Jaryd Krause, Founder of BuyingOnlineBusinesses.com

    Jaryd Krause, founder of Buying On-line Businesses.com provides his insights on how to go into buying online businesses and the keys for making the enterprise successful.       WHAT YOU’LL LEARN   How it all Started Why Buy a Business Where to look for if you want to buy an on-line Business […]

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EPISODE 33: Surprising Pandemic Insights From Working with 3,500+ Merchants and The Future of Ecommerce with George Wojciechowski, Co-Founder of ShipBob

    George Wojciechowski co-founder and VP for partnerships of Shipbob, offers the perspective coming from the logistics point of view of the effect of the Pandemic and the opportunities for the growth of the e-markets.       WHAT YOU’LL LEARN   What is Shipbob? How their company responded to the Pandemic Effects of […]

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Yev Marusenko_Podcast_ECommerce

EPISODE 32: Top Strategies for Getting $1 Billion Amazon Sales Through Facebook with Dr. Yev Marunseko, Founder of Zon Tracker

    Data scientist Yev Marusenko, Phd., founder of Zon Tracker and AMZ Jet Software shares his views on maximizing ads in the digital landscape.       WHAT YOU’LL LEARN   Making the Leap from Academia to E-commerce Importance of Tracking spillover sales Actual Purchase: True metric of advertising Ad Diversification and Strategy Specialization […]

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