How to Sell Your E-Commerce Business ​Easier, Faster and for More Money

Your e-commerce is worth more than you think.

Don't drop the baton at the finish line and let your buyer capitalize on your years of hard work. This is your opportunity of a lifetime. Take maximum advantage and get the exit that you deserve.

Finance Checklist

  • P/L Review
  • Month on Month Sales Growth percentage calculation
  • Review of COGS calculation to ensure reliability of Gross Profit numbers
  • Correctness of expense categorization
  • Addbacks identification
  • Ratio of COGS, OPEX and NET Income to Net Revenues
  • Balance Sheet Review & Financial Ratios
  • Cash audit to validate cash in bank balances by reviewing Bank recon; if not done, HIGHLY recommend company to prepare bank recon
  • Verify accuracy of ending inventory cost and volume
  • Working capital ratio to check company's ability to pay short term obligations
  • Inventory Turnover Ratio that shows how many times a company has sold and replaced inventory during a given period
  • Working capital turnover Ratio measures company efficiency to convert inventory to sales to support operations without the need for additional funding


Is the business able to be sold?

How can you maximize the value?

What is the roadmap to maximizing the value?

Client Testimonials

Tom Rohlf

Founder of Player Ten

When starting to think about selling my business I connected with SellerPlex and had them do an operations audit. They did a great job and identified some key area where I could save money to maximize the value of my sale. The team is very experienced and I'd recommend the SellerPlex audit to anyone looking to optimize their Amazon business!

Tony Brink

Owner of PowerPlay

SellerPlex audit found some serious savings opportunities in our supply chain. As well as some big ways to improve efficiency in how my business was organized. The audit was very insightful and actionable! Would recommend for anyone trying to save money and optimize their operations.

Sam Lundin

CEO of Vimbly

I ordered a SellerPlex Audit while in due diligence for an amazon business I recently acquired. The audit identified numerous cost savings and revenue generating opportunities and an action plan to accomplish them. Specifically some big ones around the supply chain management which could improve the business enterprise value by more than 6 figures. Plus the team was great to work with and it’s clear they really care about their customers. I’d recommend a SellerPlex audit for anyone buying an e-commerce business that wants to maximize the value from their acquisition!

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